The Lutheran Church in The Hague
The building
luthersekerk_gevelAt this place was from 1620 (along the “Sister Ditch”), the first church on the site of an earlier monastery closed. That first church was replaced in 1662 by a larger church. In 1757 Pieter de Swart sketched a façade, together with the Amsterdam architect Coenraet Hoeneker, who also took care of the interior. In 1761 the church was finished and on December 13 1761 the church was consecrated.
It is a hall church with a brick facade in the classical style, as much in The Hague occurs.zwaan-z_kleinOn the roof ‘swans’ as vanes, which is common at Lutheran churches.
The interior
interieurThe interior of the Lutheran church is whitewashed and features Ionic pilasters along the walls. The koofplafond is decorated with fine stucco. The whole is executed in the Dutch style of Louis XV. The monumental church is covered by a roof, which rests on a particularly difficult set of obliquely and perpendicularly disposed support posts and struts. These are held by brackets together. The draw beam, where the entire roof structure rests, has a span of up to 17.80 meters.
Original details
bloemrogate15 The paneling around, the pulpit, the baptismal fence garden gates and the carvings in the interior are in original condition. There is a beautiful carved Duke bench, built for a major sponsor in the building.
There are no tombstones in the church.
The famous Bätz organ
batzorgelrechtThe famous church organ was made in 1753 by Johann Heinrich Hartmann Bätz from Utrecht and at first placed in the hidden church in the coffers of the much older organ. During the construction of the current building is dismantled and stored and in 1762 put into use again. In 2007 the organ was largely restored.
The top of the main body of the organ is adorned with a gilded statue of a harp-playing David, flanked by two angels.
Use by the municipality
The building is used since 1762 by the Evangelical Lutheran Municipality of The Hague and is held the oldest still in use protestant church building in The Hague A service every Sunday.
The Evangelical Lutheran parish consists of approximately 450 members, has a Cantorij, a Sunday school, children’s church and nursery and senior activities. There is a partnership with the Lukas Church at the Om and Bij. Lutheran neighboring municipalitiesare are Leiden, Gouda, Delft and Rotterdam.
The next worship is:

Opening hours
Every Sunday the building for worship open from 10:00 until 12:30. Of The building is open every Wednesday from 12:00 to 13:30 for the City Quarter.

To make an appointment for a viewing please contact the verger, Lutherse Burgwal 7.
Symposiums, concerts, festivals and music recordings.

The church building and other rooms are increasingly used for conferences, concerts and rehearsals, concerts with organ and / or orchestra. The acoustics makes the church hall ideally suited for audio recordings. For the organ concerts there is a close cooperation with “The Hague Organ Kontact” (H.O.K.).
For information on renting rooms please contact the verger, Lutherse Burgwal 7.